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Wearing a diffuser bracelet (or 5) is a simple but powerfully effective way of therapeutically assisting your body, mind, and emotions throughout the day. Plus it allows you to remain smelling beautiful the whole time without any reapplication. #bonus

If the essential oils aren't amazing enough, pair them with crystal (beads) and easily discover the right frequency to help with whatever support you're looking for. 

We have a tag line that says: "Look great, smell amazing, feel better". 

Feeling better is always the end goal, but it helps that you get to look great and smell amazing along the way right?

So check out the Darlings lineup and see what takes your fancy. You should be able to put a key word into the search bar eg. Amethyst - and most products with Amethyst will show up. Otherwise, a good old fashion scroll is always fun.

Our diffuser bracelets are made with genuine crystal, stone, rock and wood. We use Crystal Tec stretchy cord as unlike elastic, it doesn't fray and break upon contact with our pure essential oils.

They are made with so much love and the warmest of intentions. In New Zealand....aka #nzmade all the way. We do ship globally, but you won't find any cheap ali-express knockoffs on this website ;-)



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