Collection: Aromatherapy Intention Sets


Carefully and lovingly curated gift sets that help you set and keep significant intentions for your life, by matching essential oil properties and crystal/stone properties that work together to assist your body and mind.


You can also purchase the Intention range individually here. Whether its the bracelet, earrings or oil blend.


FREEDOM - A set to help with stress and anxiety

AROHANUI - A set to unleash and nurture self love

CREARE - A set to inspire creativity and passion

POSITIVELY ENERGETIC - A set to help with positivity, energy, mental clarity

REST & RELAX (R & R) - A set to assist in winding down, resting and relaxing

BALANCE YOU - A set to help ground and balance you

HAPPY HORMONES - A set to help balance raging hormones


Each gift box comes with:

- Diffuser Bracelet 

- Diffuser Earrings 

- Crystal Info card pack

- 10ml Roller bottle with powerful blend using the best oils, and infused with matching crystals

- 2ml dropper bottle 

- Set Info card with oils and crystals used

- A matching crystal/stone tumble while stocks last

Perfect for a thoughtful gift for that someone you know needs some help, or even for yourself!

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