Giveaway Application

Putting on a fundraiser for your favorite local charity? Need a giveaway to add to the prize list?

If you are organising a fundraiser event, please feel free to fill out this super simple application where you could receive some gorgeous giveaways.

I usually support Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives, and will continue to do so, but I wanted to open this opportunity up to other charitable ventures, so here we are!

I'm often heard saying that our jewellery isn't just pretty, its functional - and the real value of it can be found in what it DOES via aroma*therapy*. What most people don't know is I was inspired and created our Intention Set range based on the health and wellness challenges I have faced as a woman, and in particular challenges post cancer/treatment. Sooooo.....these beauties really are perfect for a thoughtful gift and/or giveaway.

While I'd love to bless every applicant, I really am only a small business so need to be careful not to put myself in trouble. I will be choosing a handful of applicants, so please take a look at the form and get to applying. I will try to sort through them as quickly as possible!

And hey...if you're looking for a guest speaker for your event, please keep me in mind. Boy do I have a story! 😅

Please follow this link and fill out the brief form to be considered for a giveaway

Bex x