Giveaway Application

Putting on a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

As a survivor/thrivor myself, I love to do something every year to help bring awareness to this horrible disease.

Last year we did a month long promotion called 50 Shades of Pink. It was so much fun!! 😍 In years prior I've organised city-wide breakfasts and events, and made myself available to share my story and encourage this community and their families. Which I love doing btw 😉

This year I want to launch a new GIVEAWAY INITIATIVE for fellow organisers, as I know it can be tough out there.
So if you are organising an event, please feel free to fill out this super simple application where you could receive some gorgeous giveaways.

I'm often heard saying that our jewellery isn't just pretty, its functional - and the real value of it can be found in what it DOES via aroma*therapy*. What most people don't know is I was inspired and created our Intention Set range based on the health and wellness challenges I have faced as a woman, and in particular challenges post cancer/treatment. Sooooo.....these beauties really are perfect for a thoughtful gift and/or giveaway.

While I'd love to bless every applicant, I really am only a small business so need to be careful not to put myself in trouble. I will be choosing a handful of applicants, so please take a look at the form and get to applying. I will try to sort through them as quickly as possible!

And hey...if you're looking for a guest speaker for your event, please keep me in mind. Boy do I have a story! 😅

Please follow this link and fill out the brief form to be considered for a giveaway

Bex x